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General Counsel

Practice Areas

We offer affordable Outside General Counsel services to our business clients.

We often take on the role of internal corporate counsel, handling everything from contract negotiation and drafting to providing legal advice and counsel during daily day-to-day business.


We offer services for start-ups and small businesses the opportunity to have an attorney on-call and provide corporate counsel services as needed, but at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time general counsel or relying exclusively on large and expensive law firms.

Who works with us:

Companies who work with us fall into two main categories: 1) those with in-house counsel but need additional help from time to time, or 2) those that do not have in-house counsel and need regular or as-needed legal support. At Whitmer Law, we develop a working relationship with our clients and provide quick responses to your day-to-day legal matters.

Customizable and scalable:

Our services can be tailored to the size and need of your business. With our prior in-house experience and industry knowledge, we get up to speed quickly on your business and develop an intimate understanding of your business structure and services.


We expect to get paid for our legal expertise, not for our ordinary costs of doing business, therefore we don’t charge for regular photocopies, less than 20-minute phone calls or other incidental expenses.

Our rates are much lower than what large law firms usually charge for a comparable experience. Contact us to find out how our services can meet your organization's needs.

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Whitmer Law Firm emphasizes communication with their clients in order to maintain a positive relationship.

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